Passover Recipe Roundup

As soon as Purim is over, it’s time to plan for Passover (sorry!). Of course, I have lots of recipes all ready to go in my Passover Cookbook, but I’m still always thinking up new ideas and trying new recipes.

As I test new recipes and find winners, I’ll be posting them on my blog and updating the list below with links. Chag sameach!



    • Oh my gosh, I missed this when you commented. I’m so sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner.

      I do freeze it – I just leave the almonds out and add them when I thaw and reheat.

      • No worries! I made it the day before and it as a hit! Loved it and will absolutely make it again!

  1. Yes! I once miscalculated the amount I needed to make at work and has LOTS extra. I ate it for weeks. The only thing I would do is leave the almonds out and add them in after it thaws.

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