Books Now Available At

It’s been an interesting week and a half.  Last week I sent over 40 review books out to media — we’ll see if anything comes from that.  The books have been selling out of the store and I’ve received interest from other stores/distributors in the US and Canada.  It’s very exciting to see them going out.  Today the first wholesale order was shipped out and I’m expecting some more wholesale orders from other cities to come in.

In other news, it looks like I’ll be having an official book launch in a few weeks at a great independent book store in Winnipeg. It’s the same store where I launched my first book five years ago and it’ll be nice to have the second one there.  I’ll post more information when dates and times are confirmed.

Finally, we’ve now got an updated website up at  If you click on the “books” link at the top-right, we’re set up to accept book orders.  Shipping in Canada and the USA is free and to other countries it’s $10 for one or two books, $15 for three or four books.   If you need a quote for wholesale pricing, please get in touch.

Thanks to all of those who have already picked up a copy (or multiple copies) and for all of the great feedback!



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