My next cookbook – what should it be?

I’ll be moving soon (by soon I mean sometime between the end of December and at a guess, February) and with visions of my new kitchen in my head, I’ve delayed starting a new cookbook. If all things go as planned, I’ll be able to work in a kitchen I’ve designed myself, the way I want it. So to me, it seemed like a good reason to delay things.

But as I watch the builders progress, (and having just ordered my appliances) I’m beginning to think it’s time to start the planning process. When I’m working on a book the first thing I do is put together two lists. One list contains all of the recipes in my repertoire that fit the subject of the book. List #2 is made up of all of the ideas swimming around in my head. Foods that I’ve eaten growing up or while travelling that I’ve always wanted to recreate. Recipes that I think will work well simply because I have a sense of how the flavours work together. And sometimes ideas that sound ridiculous but I’d like to try anyway.

When I wrote my first book, Soup – A Kosher Collection, I envisioned a series. I imagined there’d be a Salad, Entrée, Sides, Desserts and maybe a Starters. That was put on hold when I realized that so many of the people I know were desperate for some new Passover recipes.

So, to get started on my lists, I need to decide what the focus of my next book should be. Should I go back to my original plan? Do people need a more general holiday cookbook? What about working with my mom? She’s been in the catering/restaurant business for over 25 years so she knows her stuff. We thought it could be fun to do a book where we include both of our takes on recipes. But I really want to know what sort of cookbook is missing from your Jewish/Kosher library?

PS: if you vote and leave a comment, you might just be entered into a draw to win one of my cookbooks.



  1. Hi–I voted for world cooking, but there is something else I’m interested in. I’d like more comprehensive info about substitutions. As in switching out soy milk for milk in dessert recipes or what to do when you can’t find kosher hoisin sauce, for example. It’s probably not enough for a whole cookbook, though. Also, my range is dying and I’ve been looking at them online a little–do you have any recommendations? Thanks!

  2. I voted for holiday cooking – yomtov meals can be the only times a year a family gets together. People want to have food that will be remembered as much as the company.

  3. I voted world cooking because I like to try different and new flavors. Flavors that are delicious, that make me feel like I’ve experienced something amazing.

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